Spiritual Revival Ministry

Deliverance Prayer

Bondage & Deliverance:

God created man in His image and likeness (perfect and complete).Man shattered this image by disobeying God’s command. God loved His creation so much He gave him everything and also command and authority over all, He also gave man free will to choose. But, man surrendered to a lie from Satan and wanted to be independent of God judging good and evil. Satan (Lucifer) fell from heaven because he willed to dominate God.Thus man acquired bondage through violation of God’s command and this bondage was passed on to all mankind as an inheritance and mankind still continues to acquire more.

When we will to be independent of God and dominate our fellow beings for our vested interests, we knowingly or unknowingly fall victim to Satan’s lie resulting in bondage.When you choose to believe a lie, you will live a lie.Temptation (Lie) —> Decide to give in / Opens doorway to Evil (Free will) —> Sin (Spiritual Death) —> Repeated sins(Habit) —> Bondage (Spiritual Blindness).

Channels of bondage:

Worship of False Gods (Eastern Religions, Idol worship, rituals and sacrifices, new age movement, nature worship)

Generational Sin and Curse

Soul Ties

Witchcraft,Sorcery, Black magic

Spirit guides


Idle words

Sexual sins

Satanic marriage


The above list very brief, for an exhaustive list of channels of bondage and strongholds please visit our section on demons and deliverance from demons.All prayers here are only samples, you may want to add to them based on the guidance from the Holy spirit and also depending on the areas of bondage.