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Know Jesus | Spiritual Revival Ministry

Know Jesus

He is "the stone you builders rejected, which has become the capstone. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." Acts : 11-12

Jesus is God himself - Deity of Christ

As we turn the pages of the Bible we are convinced undoubtedly with the deity of Christ. He is the God who came in the form of a man as son of Mary, in the reign of Augusts Caesar the Roman Emperor. Thus, the Bible speaks about it.

1. God appeared in a body. - 1Tim.3:16 / Jn.1:18

2. He is the God over all. - Rom.9:5

3. He is the creator of all things. - Col.1:16 & 17

4. In Him the fullness of the deity lives in bodily form. - Col.2:9

5. He is the exact representation of God's being. - Heb.1:3

6. He is the true God and Eternal Life. - 1.Jn.5:20

7. He is our great God and Saviour. - Titus.2:13

8. He is the Alpha and Omega. - Rev.1:17 / Rev22:13

9. Father God calls him God. - Heb.1:8

10. He is worthy of all worship, power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and praise. - Rev.5:12-14

11. The Word which was God became flesh. - Jn.1:1 &14

12. He is Immanuel - God with us. - Mat.1:23

13. He is Jehovah. - Jn.8:24

14. He sits on the throne of God. Rev.3:21

15. He is the Sovereign Lord. - 2Pet.2.1 / Jude.4

16. He has the authority of forgive sins. - Mk.2:5 & 10

17. Jesus is seen by prophet Isaiah in the throne of God. Jn12:41

18. Jesus is seen by Daniel as God. - Daniel.7:13 & 14

19. He is the Ancient of Days. - Micah. 5:2 / Mat.2:4-6

20. He is the Holy One. - Rev. 3:7 / Isa.43:14

21. He is Mighty God, Everlasting Father. - Isa.9:6

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