Leader's Profile | Spiritual Revival Ministry
Leader's Profile | Spiritual Revival Ministry

Leader's Profile

 BrXavier Br. Francis Xavier S
  Executive Director & India Mission Head


He was born in Tamil Nadu, and He did his ministry along
with his carrier, till 2003 when he committed himself to the
full time ministry of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. God has
blessed him with a God fearing and committed family,
Beenu - his wife, and two children - Kevin and Andrea.


  Br. Joseph Stanley S


He is a renowned preacher and a reputed teacher of the Word
of God. Born in Kerala, India and started his career as a
civil engineer. He together with his brother Francis Xavier
started this ministry in the year 1993 responding to the
voice of the Lord. He had been leading the ministry victoriously
winning many souls for the Lord. God has blessed him with a
God fearing and committed family, Rincy - his wife, and three
children - Daniel, Moses and Sarah.


DSCF5079 Br. William Thomas
  Mission Head - UAE



  Br. Savy Joseph
  Director & International Mission Head


Born in the land of letter, latex and lakes in Kerala,
and was an advocate in the High court of Kerala till
2001. He is also a post graduate in Financial Management.
Since then he has been an ambassador for the
Lord Jesus Christ. He has to his credit 2 years Diploma
in BLC from the Diocese of Palai, Kerala and has also
finished a course in Apologetics. Mission League,
KCYM & Jesus Youth have been stepping stones in his
spiritual journey


  Br. Brootus Britto
  International Trainer



  Sr. Beenu Xavier
  International Trainer


Born in the land of St. Thomas - Kerala. A graduate in
Economics. A full-timer in the Ministry in the role of
a counselor and trainer. She is the wife of Br.Francis
Xavier the Executive Director.




  Sr. Julie Jose
  Mission Head - Republic of Ireland



  Br_RonyBr. Rony George Kovattuparambil
  Mission Head - Australia





genojBr. Genoj Varghese
 Mission Head - United Kingdom










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