Outreach Ministries | Spiritual Revival Ministries
Outreach Ministries | Spiritual Revival Ministries

Outreach Ministries

“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mk.16:15

This is the evangelization arm of SRM. We have a network of ministers stationed across the globe endowed with the gifts of the word of wisdom and knowledge reaching out into the world to demolish the evil bastions of lies, confusion and hopelessness that are erected in the minds of the children of God by the Evil One. We organize residential and open retreats, conventions, youth camps, vacation classes and workshops on a local, regional and international level aimed at the complete renewal of the mind, body and spirit of the masses. By far our biggest challenge and mission is to take the Gospel to the unbelievers. Those missions are invariably accompanied by a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit, touching their lives and many accepting Jesus Christ as their personal   savior and Lord. Our ministers frequently embark on overseas missions to the Middle East, South East and Europe carrying the sword of the spirit to destroy the works of Satan and to usher in the kingdom the Lord yearns for on earth.

To reach us for any of the following:

Residential and open retreats

Youth camps and vacation classes

Renewal workshops

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                                                                        REACHING OUT TO THE NATIONS

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