Literature Ministry | Spiritual Revival Ministry
Literature Ministry | Spiritual Revival Ministry

Literature Ministry

“For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord and to the teaching its decrees and laws to Israel.” Ezr.7:10

Where the people cannot go and remain, where people are forced to leave, the printed word goes and remains. We have a good library of multi-lingual translations of the Bible along with an impressive collection of spiritual books, periodicals, magazines and ministry newsletters. These are available to all ministry members, patrons and those who have a direct fellowship with us. Comparing and reading these spiritual books gives us a deep knowledge and insight into the Word of God and the truths of the God's word and His Kingdom. We encourage and welcome literary contributions to our newsletters and periodicals from all the members and are intensifying efforts for gospel literature distribution to remote, impenetrable locations.

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Jn:8:32

                                                     WE CARRY THE LIGHT , LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL

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