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Revivalist Madhu manohar

Greetings to you in the most high and precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.Thank god for yours wonderful and powerful ministry in this world to glory of God.We stand behind you with lot of prayers.Our hearts were burning with fire for reaching souls in India and all nations.We are so hungry to reach the destiny of Revival.Let pray for us encourage us with spiritual guidence we wait for yours kind mail response.

Milton Varghese

Praise the Lord. The website is really a blessing. If u could include more videos , it would be more blessing for us.


Greetings to all brethren in Christ, it was really nice visiting this website on a new launch. Thank you very much, it makes me happy. God Bless You.

sudha Reji

Praise the Lord!. We all are watching NFC through online. Good but the telecast quality and the camera focus can better. But overall very good thanks

John vas

Lighting in the hall looks insufficient. Anyhow it is nice to hear the word of god LIVE FROM B'LORE - SRM GLOBAL. God bless the retreat and shower his anointing more and more on the preachers.

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